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How To Customize WooCommerce Single product Page With Page Builder?

Maybe the biggest reason which you purchased Focux theme is that you can freely customize the WooCommerce single product page with page builder.  Now, here are two short tips for how to customize the WooCommerce single product page.

1. Enable The Visual Composer Editor For The WooCommerce Product

After you installed and enabled Visual Composer plugin, go to “Visual Composer > Role Manager” in your WordPress backend. Set the first option ‘Post types’ to ‘Custom’, then select ‘product’.

customize WooCommerce single product page

Well, now edit the product and customize the product description area with Visual Composer(Frontend/Backend Editor).


2. Duplicate Your Custom Product Template For The Other Product Page

Sometimes, maybe you need to duplicate the exist product template for your next product page, right? Just save your template as below.

Is that so easy? Then, you only need to change the text and replace the picture, that’s it!

We will keep to develop more useful functions to make the single product template highly customizable in the later version of Focux theme.  If you have any good suggestions, please let us know through the following comment form.



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