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Why We Design Focux WooCommerce Theme For The Single Product eCommerce?

There are a plenty variety of WooCommerce themes over there, you can easy to build your online shop based on those free or premium WooCommerce themes. But, why we even design Focux?

As the theme name said, Focux means focus, we want to specially focus on the single product eCommerce website.  Sometimes when you only have one or two product for online selling, obviously the multiple product WooCommerce theme is not suitable for your business. I list two big reasons to explain why the common WooCommerce themes is not suitable for the single product eCommerce website.

Strange Looking

WooCommerce Theme

If there is only one product in the 3 or 4 columns product grid, don’t you feel it looks so strange? The answer is obviously. So you have to spend much times to customize the template with coding knowledge or looking for a freelance developer to help you.

The Plain Product Description


This is the common standard product page. You know the conversion rate is most important for a eCommerce website,  so the product page design is one of the big things that you need to focus on, especially improve the product description section. Obviously, the crux of the matter is use the rich content to instead of the plain description text, right?

That’s why we hope to make Focux theme can be a better solution for the single product eCommerce website. So we made the following changes in order to enhanced the attractiveness of the product page and allow users to customize their own page template without coding knowledge.

Make the Product Description Highly Customizable

Single Product WooCommerce

First of all, you can check one of our prebuilt product templates here, and you can also make the product page like this or this. Anyway, you can do what you want. I guess you must think that’s cool and much better than the standard plain description text. Then, how could you customize the product template freely? Let’s watch this short videoclip, you will know how it is easy to do.

Yes, as you see, we include the most popular page builder plugin – Visual Composer, no doubt that it makes Focux theme more powerful and customizable.

Freely Customize Any Page Templates


As same as the most of Multi-Purpose theme, you can also freely customize any page template in Focux theme. It means that you can make the any page looks like a landing page for your single product without list it as the grid view.

More Features

There are more features in the Focux theme that you can check it out here, and we will keep to explore more useful features in the future, hope you don’t miss anything about Focux theme.


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